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  • The simple way to a whiter brighter smile!
  • Get that extra white smile!
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  • Get that extra white smile!
  • Get that extra white smile!

The Crystal Bright Advanced Teeth Whitening Kits

Using a highly advanced teeth whitening formula with clinically proven active ingredients, Crystal Bright solutions gently eliminate unsightly discoloration from your teeth leaving even the most tarnished mouth up to 5 shades lighter in just 5 days. Why not buy now?


Before and After Diamond Whitening

Whiter teeth and a brighter smile!

Simple to use, painless and portable, the specialised applicator pen along with our kits apply a powerful gel that targets and penetrates the tiny pores of your tooth enamel and gently oxidises stains, lifting them gently from your teeth whilst breaking down the stain and giving you a visibly whiter smile. Already bought the Crystal Bright pen? Redeem your Voucher now.

A whiter Smile in 7 days


Unique teeth whitening systems that wont harm enamel

The Crystal Bright pen is a unique teeth whitening system that brightened the smiles of thousands of satisfied customers. Our pen's and kits contain a unique blend of gel and  whitening ingredients ensuring the natural white shade in your teeth shines through, allowing you to get a whiter and brighter smile without the hassles or costs of the more expensive teeth whitening. You don't need to wear an uncomfortable strips that slip and slide around your mouth. Just use our simple Crystal Bright kits and enjoy a brighter smile! Take a look at our FAQ for more information on the systems.



Three simple steps to a brighter, whiter smile with our Pen

Simply brush your teeth, twist the applicator pen to dispense the exact amount of whitening gel and then apply to your teeth. Then sit back and enjoy your whiter,brighter smile.


Why pay more?

Why spend thousands of dollars on expensive teeth whitening treatments when you can achieve the same high quality results for a lot less? Our teeth whitening solutions uses the same technology as products that are many times the price of our system and the results speak for themselves. Try one of our Crystal Bright solutions today and give your teeth the shine they deserve. Need more information? Contact Us


The whiter brighter teeth whitening penGet that Film Star Smile

Get that A-list smile in 5 days!

The Crystal Bright Advanced Teeth Whitening Solutions were created with the needs of the A-list star in mind. It's perfect for hectic lifestyles and is so simple to use and is a no mess and no fuss way to get that brighter, whiter smile in just 5 days.
- Simple, no mess applications
- Applies in just seconds
- A lot of portable options which are easy to store, perfect for your handbag.
The teeth whitening pen

Whiter and Brighter in just 5 daysSmiling COuple

Revolutionary Teeth Whitening Systems

Why spend thousands of dollars on your teeth when you can get the same results for a lot less?

Advanced Whitening Pen, Detailed instructions and Postage for just $69.95 Check out our full range of kits today!


- Contains enough gel for 50 applications
- Lightens teeth by up to 7 shades in 7 days
- Easy-to-use applicator tip
- Remove stains from coffee, smoking, and red wine
- Safe and gentle for teeth and gums
- Does not harm veneers, caps or crowns

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